Sunday, September 11, 2011

Iranian Hacker Compromises 300,000 Users

Comodohacker, who has claimed responsibility for breaching security at Comodo, DigiNotar, and GlobalSign, has come forth in an interview with the New York Times shedding a little light on his attacks and the data he managed to pilfer.

The fruits of his labor are believed to have been used to tap into the online communications of as many as 300,000 unsuspecting Iranians this summer. What’s more, he punched a hole in an online security mechanism that is trusted by millions of Internet users all over the world. [...] He gained control of the server in about 10 days and generated 531 fake certificates, including some for well-known sites like Google, Skype and Facebook, along with a few foreign intelligence sites. He shared them with a person or organization believed to have had control over dozens of Internet service providers and university networks in Iran — perhaps the government itself.

Comodohacker has released several public statements and answers to press, fans and haters on his Pastebin account: You can also find his proof of concept / proof of hack txts there as well.

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